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The 10 best anime movies on Hulu

Hulu has poured an incredible number of resources into its anime series collection, but movie fans need to dig a little deeper. That doesn’t mean you can’t find gold. From influential classics that shaped the genre to modern masterpieces, Hulu makes the most of its limited selection. Instead of digging through the massive anime section for the few movies that are there, let us guide you. Here are the best anime movies on Hulu.

The best anime movies on Hulu

1) Akira (1988)

Thirty years after its release, Akira remains an audacious high point in the history of animation. This mega-budget feature has some of the most detailed animation in history, leaving it looking as fresh today as it did upon release. Meshing psychic warfare, ’80s Japanese cultural criticism, and sci-fi biker fights, Akira does its best to condense a massive manga series into a two-hour movie. While the result is occasionally confusing, Akira is a timeless film. As you’re watching, take note of every anime you’ve seen before that references Akira in some way. You’ll fill a whole notepad.  

2) Grave of the Fireflies (1988)

Anime is often thought of as an art form that can tell action stories, comedies, or romances, but little else. Grave of the Fireflies is a devastating example of the genre’s reach, a somber World War II story with a heartbreaking ending. Set in Kobe, Japan, following the firebombing of the city, Grave of the Fireflies explores two orphans’ fight for survival. The animation is truly breathtaking, a beautiful wrapping for an otherwise grim story. If you want to discover the dramatic possibilities of anime, make time for Grave of the Fireflies.   

3) Ninja Scroll (1993)

Ninja Scroll was a global smash, spoken of in the same breath as Akira and Ghost in the Shell. The

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