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6 Horror Movies Coming to AMC Before Halloween

October may be the month of horror, but really, there’s no bad time to sit down with a horror film. Luckily for those who just can’t wait for a heavy dose of spooky stuff, there are plenty of movie chills and outright nightmares in the days leading up to our favorite autumn month. Here are six great Halloween-worthy movies coming to theatres in the next few months.

Child’s Play

[Credit: MGM]

The CHILD’S PLAY franchise — which includes seven movies released between 1988 and 2017 — gets a reboot courtesy of Lars Klevberg, director of the 2019 low-budget horror flick POLAROID. This new CHILD’S PLAY gives a high-tech update to its source material by endowing killer doll Chucky with a Wi-Fi connection and the ability to control internet-connected devices in the house of its new owner. That owner would be Andy Barclay, whose mother, Karen (“Parks and Recreation”’s Aubrey Plaza), gives him the doll. Voicing Chucky is none other than Mark Hamill. The actor’s inevitably best known for his work playing Luke Skywalker in the STAR WARS franchise, but in the decades since A NEW HOPE, he’s embarked on a very successful voice acting career, appearing in “Batman: The Animated Series” (playing the Joker), “Avatar: The Last Airbender,” “Metalocalypse” and many more. (June 21

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