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10 horror films we’re freaking out about this summer, from ‘Brightburn’ to ‘Midsommar’


A 12-year-old boy (Jackson A. Dunn) learns he has extraordinary abilities though harbors sinister tendencies in the superhero horror “Brightburn.”

You’ve heard of Christmas in July? This week’s like Halloween in May.

While everyone is gearing up for the fall haunting season, when Pennywise hits the big screen again in September’s “It: Chapter Two,” this weekend brings James Gunn’s superhero horror flick “Brightburn” to theaters and musically tinged psychological thriller “The Perfection” to Netflix to unnerve fright-fest fans. This summer is actually pretty full of scares, from the return of not one but three killer dolls to a villainous Octavia Spencer.

Here are the horror movies to put on your must-see list the next three months, with something for every film taste.

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If you like superheroes: ‘Brightburn’ (Friday)

This ain’t the Avengers, folks. Produced by James Gunn, the new film puts an evil spin on the Superman origin story as it centers on a Kansas farm couple (Elizabeth Banks and David Denman) raising an alien boy (Jackson A. Dunn) who crash-landed on Earth as a baby. Unfortunately, this kid’s not down with truth, justice or the American way.

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