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Best Lifetime Movies List – Lifetime Movies Ranking for Romance, Crime, Drama, Christmas, True Story

Why trust us with your precious Lifetime movie recommendations, you ask?

Because—if we do say so ourselves—we’re experts.

No, really. For better or worse, we’ve amassed an entire lifetime of, uh, Lifetime viewing, and now, we’re making it count. Our “Best Lifetime Movies” list is thorough, complete, and thoughtful in a way that only a true fan’s list could be. We’ve laughed and cried at these films for years, so we can say with certainty that the list has it all: the good, the bad, the Golden Globe-nominated, and the not-exactly-critically-acclaimed. Whether you’re already a Lifetime superfan or are hoping to become one this weekend, this is either the “best of” compilation you’ve been waiting for—or the one never knew you needed.

So consider this our formal invitation to forget the haters and naysayers and simply do you. Take a look at our top picks, then settle in with a blanket, a few of your favorite snacks, and a box of tissues.

The Best Lifetime Movies: Drama

“Drama” is all but expected in any Lifetime movie, but in terms of really nailing the genre, it’s these four films that come to mind.


The haunting 1999 book of the same name is brought to life with the help of a young Kristen Stewart. She plays a high school student named Melinda who refuses to break her silence about an incident that happened to her over the summer, but her classmates aren’t having it.

Gracie’s Choice

Before Kristen Bell was known for her comedic characters, she took a dramatic role in 2004’s Gracie’s Choice. The film follows Kristen, who plays 17-year-old Gracie, and her four siblings as she attempts to

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