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The Best Movies of 2019 So Far | Time

Ah, midyear, the point at which we’re well past the typical January-to-February slump of unexciting releases—though there are always exceptions—and right at the cusp of the summer blockbuster season. Though it’s true that many of the studios save their big prestige movies for the fall, the first half of any year should never be underestimated. There are always gems that sneak in, often in the form of smaller movies that may have slipped past your radar—especially if, earlier in the year, you were busy playing catch-up before the Oscars. Here are 10 of this year’s best films so far, including some you might have missed. Catch up with them now, and you’ll be well ahead of the 2019 Oscar curve.

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The Mustang

For her feature debut, director Laure de Clermont-Tonnere drew from a real-life prison rehabilitation program in Carson City, Nevada, in which inmates train wild mustangs to ready them for sale or adoption. Matthias Schoenaerts gives what will surely be one of the best performances of the year as Roman, an angry, withdrawn prisoner who finds a sense of purpose and connection with the horse he’s assigned to train, a willful creature named Marquis. Like its stars, both human and equine, this movie has a glorious, generous spirit.

Gloria Bell

There are two kinds of great actresses: Grand dames, who command your respect, and jewel thieves, who sneak off with it, seducing you with gestures and expressions so delicate that you might barely notice them—until you snap to and realize something inside you has shifted. Julianne Moore is the latter type, and her gifts are on full display in Chilean director Sebastián Lelio’s sublime, and supremely entertaining, Gloria Bell. Moore plays Gloria, a single Los

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