While visionary directors like Jordan Peele, Mike Flanagan, and Ana Lily Amirpour continue to keep everything that’s great about the horror genre alive, most studios seem content to just keep reusing old clichés, either by ripping off earlier scary movies or outright remaking them.

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We’ve seen the good name of a lot of horror classics tarnished by remakes that lost the heart and soul of the original, either due to lazy filmmaking or blasphemous departures from the source material. Unfortunately, the remake train will probably keep on chugging. Here are 10 Horror Movies That Should Never Be Remade (But Probably Will).

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10 Rosemary’s Baby

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Rosemary’s Baby is an important movie. Coming five years before the Roe v. Wade decision that legalized abortion, its story of a paranoid pregnant woman being told by all the men in her life what to do with her own baby was timely and socially relevant.

It was already remade as a four-hour miniseries for NBC that was abysmal, despite Zoe Saldana’s best efforts in the lead role, so let’s hope no one ever tries to recreate it on the big screen. It captured the feelings of a specific moment in history, so a remake would undoubtedly miss the point.

9 The Shining

Later this year, we’re getting a film adaptation of Doctor Sleep, Stephen King’s belated sequel to The

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