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Breaking Murphy’s Law: Movies classic and new capture life’s crushing realities, offer advice

As someone who has an incredibly difficult time managing anxiety, I find comfort in watching movies about the subject. Whether it’s a character or a circumstance in the plot that I relate to, it helps me feel less alone. Even better is to have a sugar-flavored follow-up movie to help the medicine go down. This week’s Blu-ray releases shine the spotlight on difficult topics and help to heal.

The Prisoner of Second Avenue


Rated PG, 98 minutes.

Available today on Blu-ray and DVD through the Warner Archive Collection.

One of my all-time favorite films is 1960’s The Apartment, a Jack Lemmon-starring feature that released at a time when movies weren’t so daring. It’s a film that makes you laugh until it hurts but also causes you to rethink how you behave and interact around others.

Anne Bancroft and Jack Lemmon play a couple down on their luck in “The Prisoner of Second Avenue.”

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