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New movies: Latest ‘Men in Black’ is a Marvel movie reunion

Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson star in “Men in Black: International.” Photo: Giles Keyte, Sony Pictures

5B: This documentary spotlights the caring and empathy a ward of San Francisco General Hospital showed the early victims of the AIDS crisis. More than a poignant reminder, it’s a lesson that shouldn’t be forgotten.

American Woman: Sienna Miller stars in this movie about a Rust Belt woman whose child goes missing. But it’s not just a movie about reaping our sympathies for her; she isn’t perfect either.

The Dead Don’t Die: Here’s a zombie movie by indie auteur Jim Jarmusch with a cast full of Hollywood notables. But it’s the deadpan work of Bill Murray and Adam Driver as small-town cops that takes the lead.

Framing John DeLorean: This is a strange release. Part of the allure is that Hollywood finally made a film about the man who invented the car bearing his name — and whose life story is about so much more than a car. But the movie is an odd hybrid of documentary, drama and behind-the-scenes footage. Alec Baldwin stars as the titular figure, so there’s that.

Halston: Here’s a documentary about one of the most successful American fashion designers in history. So you know it’s full of people praising his work and ideas, a montage of drugs/sex/partying and the inevitable downfall. Of course we’ll watch.

Late Night: Emma Thompson is a stale late-night talk show host with a writer’s room full of stale white dudes. So Mindy Kaling joins the party and shakes things up with some new jokes and a new perspective. Kaling wrote this script, but it’s all about Thompson’s performance.

Men in Black: International: Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson worked so well together in

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