Last year, Annihilation hit theaters and blew the minds of its audience. While the film wasn’t a financial success, the vast majority of critics and fans loved it. It’s a deep movie, filled with symbolism, mysticism, and suspense. You may need multiple viewings to fully grasp everything since it is a mind-bending cinematic experience that only comes along once in a while.

With Annihilation now in the rearview mirror for over a year, you may be yearning for a similar film to grab you in the same way. Thankfully, history has provided us with plenty of sci-fi flicks as options. Anyone who enjoyed Annihilation and hopes for something similar can check out these ten suggestions we’ve put together for you.

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10 Dredd

Many people would classify Dredd more as an action movie than something in the sci-fi genre. However, there’s definitely a sci-fi aspect to this reimagining of the 1995 fan favorite. The post-apocalyptic dystopian setting is precisely what you’d expect from a film in this genre.

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On the surface, it isn’t all that similar to Annihilation. There’s not much depth to the high octane style of Dredd. What makes it worth checking out for fans is that it is written by Alex Garland, who both wrote and directed Annihilation. It’s another in a long line of strong screenplays written by him.

9 Melancholia

Now we’ve officially entered the world of trippy sci-fi movies. Melancholia was released in 2011 and featured an insanely talented cast consisting of Kirsten Dunst and the father-son combo

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