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The Best ’80s Movies You Can Watch on Netflix Right Now

It was the decade of TheTerminator, The Breakfast Club, and Back to the Future. Whether you’re an ‘80s baby who’s nostalgic for the movies of your youth or just someone who appreciates the unique cinematic genius of Reagan era, there’s just something irresistible about the best movies from the 1980s. So get out your Aqua Net and your legwarmers, because we’ve rounded up 10 classic films (ranked by Rotten Tomatoes critics scores) from the years 1980 to 1989 that you can stream on Netflix.

The Dark Crystal  

Rotten Tomatoes rating: 78%

This children’s fantasy film from Jim Henson about a group of Gelfings who must defeat the evil Skeksis in order to save their planet was criticized as being too dark for kids when it was released in 1982. But thanks to the VCRs and VHS tapes that were taking over American homes, it was saved from obscurity. Watch it before the Netflix prequel series arrives on August 30.   


Rotten Tomatoes rating: 81%

Scarface, Brian DePalma’s violent, stylish remake of the 1932 crime film of the same name, charts the rise of a Cuban refugee named Tony Montana (Al Pacino) through Miami’s criminal underworld. It got mixed reviews upon its release in 1983, which some criticizing its excessive violence and nearly three-hour running time, but it’s since become a cult classic.


Gremlins | Warner Bros. Pictures/Amblin E/Sunset Boulevard/Corbis via Getty Images

Rotten Tomatoes rating: 84%

A salesman brings home what looks like an adorable pet for his son as a Christmas gift. Unfortunately, it spawns a batch of evil, destructive monsters who proceed to wreak havoc on a small town. This horror-comedy from Joe Dante is required holiday viewing for

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