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Warner Bros. Developing Live-Action Teen Titans Movie

The past couple of years have been a good time for the Teen Titans. The adolescent superhero team were previously severely overlooked on screen but 2018 gave us both their first cinematic outing in the surprisingly enjoyable Teen Titans Go! To the Movies! and then their first live-action TV series in the form of DC Universe’s Titans. If our information’s correct, the team might be headed for the big one soon, too, as a live-action film could be on the way.

We Got This Covered has been told by our source that Warner Bros. is working on a movie for the Teen Titans. Curiously, it apparently could be called Young Justice League, which makes it sound like the project will hue closer to the Young Justice team from the comics and the beloved animated series. The only two characters we’ve heard will be involved are Batgirl and Nightwing, though many others will be featured.

As for the villain, the pitch for the current version of the movie lists HIVE as

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