With the release of Dark Phoenix, the movie-going public is finally free from the baffling timelines and generally bad quality of 20th Century Fox’s X-Men movies. The studio has been sold off in parts to Disney, so the rights to the X-Men characters are back in the hands of Marvel Studios and, eventually, they’ll be introduced into the MCU.

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That could be a few years away, but one thing is for sure: the X-Men franchise we’ve been following for the past two decades is well and truly over. Let’s take a look back at some of its biggest negatives and positives.

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10 Did wrong: Confusing the timelines

One of the main reasons why a huge audience has kept up with the MCU, despite the immense commitment required, is that it’s easy to follow. The narratives are complex and the movies jump back and forth across the overall timeline, but it’s not difficult to see where each one is placed. The problem with Fox’s X-Men movies is that they confused the timelines.

They had two separate casts of actors playing the same characters and started setting the movies in random years that meant nothing to movie-goers. For example, Dark Phoenix is set in 1992 – so what? Fans lost the plot and eventually started to hate the movies, because the story had devolved into a complete mess.

9 Did right: Setting the template for superhero team movies

X2 X-Men United Cast


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