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Movies As We Know Them Are Probably Coming to an End


If you love movies and the way movies have been distributed, then Kyle Buchanan’s must-read article in The New York Times will probably bum you out! In the article, Buchanan speaks with various producers, studio heads, writers, and actors to discuss how the rise of streaming will impact theatrical distribution ten years from now. As you can expect, there’s both cause for optimism and pessimism. On the one hand, streaming is not only filling a gap of titles that studios have abandoned like rom-coms, but they’re also providing opportunities to female filmmakers and filmmakers of color who didn’t get the same chances as recently as ten years ago.

But there was one harrowing anecdote from Oscar-nominee Kumail Nanjiani about how younger audiences just aren’t particularly interested in movies:

I was at a bar with a friend who directs big movies, and while we were in line for the bathroom, he was saying that movie theaters were going to go away. He was like, “Kids don’t watch movies, they watch YouTube.” Which I thought was crazy. So he goes, “Watch this.” There was a girl in front of us in line, and he said, “Hey, excuse me, what’s your favorite movie?” And she said, “I don’t watch movies.” Just randomly, he picked someone — and she was like 25, she wasn’t a child or anything. We were like, “Well, do any of your friends watch movies?” And she said, “Not really.”


Image via CBS Television Studios

Nanjiani continued:

I don’t want to sound like an old idiot, because I try to keep up with what’s happening on YouTube, and it’s a lot of people talking to camera, very personality-driven. I

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