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9 under-the-radar indie movies from BAMcinemaFest to watch for

Amid a crowded calendar of film festivals known for showcasing independent film, New York’s BAMcinemaFest has carved out a notable place for itself.

Rather than relying on buzzy, star-driven vehicles, the festival focuses on the year’s best small and under-the-radar films, particularly from new and diverse voices. It’s a sampling of the best movies that have premiered at other festivals (like Sundance and South by Southwest), as well as several movies that haven’t yet made their festival debut.

This year’s 11th annual BAMcinemaFest concluded on June 23. Here are nine of the best movies I saw at the festival, and details on how and when you’ll be able to see them too.

The Amazing Johnathan Documentary

Documentarian Ben Berman set out to make a documentary about the magician John Edward Szeles, better known to many by his stage name, the Amazing Johnathan. Supposedly, Szeles had a heart condition that meant he didn’t have much longer to live, and Berman wanted to follow him. But things started to go very awry.

The Amazing Johnathan Documentary quickly becomes something other than a film about a magician; it’s a farce with lots to say about the ethics of documentary filmmaking and the world around it, as well as the thin line between truth and fiction. Plus, it will definitely screw with your head.

The Amazing Johnathan Documentary will premiere on Hulu on August 16.

De Lo Mio

Two sisters, Rita (Sasha Merci) and Carolina (Darlene Demorizi), go home to the Dominican Republic after their grandmother’s death. They’re going to help their brother Dante (Héctor Aníbal) clean out her house so it can be sold and then bulldozed, since

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