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Elizabeth Banks: It’s Getting Harder to Make Money in Hollywood

All the time. We’re all storytellers, and we all want to get the most eyeballs on the story. We’re constantly asking ourselves what we think the best home is for the content, and it’s also been sort of liberating to feel like you can get a piece of material that you think is going to be a huge movie, and then two years into developing it, you realize, “You know what? We should break this up into six episodes and make it a limited series!” That’s actually an option now.

Do you think there are certain genres that simply aren’t going to come out in theaters anymore?

I do believe the theatrical experience is going to be more and more event-ized for major studios, but for someone like me who grew up on romantic comedies, watching them come back on streamers has been really gratifying. People actually like this stuff that the studios stopped giving them, and the streamers picked up the slack. So that’s one example of how streamers can make these sorts of midrange movies that the big corporate studios are not as interested in putting out theatrically.

Look, as someone who grew up with art-house theaters, who went to Lincoln Center to see “sex, lies, and videotape,” I’m really bummed out to not have that same sense of community in the theater anymore. But indie film is still happening, people are just consuming it more and more on their couches. I think it’s actually an opportunity for the midrange movie.

When you talk to people younger than you about the way they watch movies and consume pop culture, what do you find striking?

I find that young people really want to interact with the experience, they

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