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Weekend movies: ‘Annabelle’ is back; the Beatles disappear in ‘Yesterday’

The march of the cinematic dolls ends this month with super-freaky Annabelle spinning out of control so she conjure up box-office spirits.

After the touching “Toy Story 4” and the decently reviewed reboot “Child’s Play,” “Annabelle Comes Home” aims to scare the hell house out of you. The maniacal doll is back in this third installment of the “Conjuring” spin-off series. Attempts to keep Annabelle locked up and out of trouble, of course, prove fruitless and the demonic toy is soon scaring the dickens out of the couple’s young daughter.

Had your fill of creepy doll flicks? Check out “Yesterday.” The Danny Boyle-directed a heart-tugger imagines an alternate reality wherein there are no Beatles. This all comes about after a power outage, which causes a musician (Himesh Patel) to get into an accident. Afterward, he realizes he is the only person who remembers the legendary band and he roams Sussex performing Beatles songs as if they are his own.

Speaking of music, the very talented Jessie Buckley (she starred in the woefully underseen thriller “Beast”) continues to chart her way to stardom in “Wild Rose.” She plays a determined mom/ex-con seeking to become a country singing sensation.

In “Toni Morrison: The Pieces I Am,” the author’s life and words come to life in a documentary that offers perspective on various issues. Oprah Winfrey, Angela Davis, Walter Mosley and Fran Lebowitz are featured.

Adjectives such as quirky and unique don’t even prepare you for the shenanigans in “Diamantino.” A soccer star (Carloto Cotta) falls on hard times and then heads off on a surreal odyssey in which he confronts a smorgasbord of contemporary issues. It’s a head-tripper, for sure.

Thriller fans might want to seek out “Better Days.” Bullying brings together a stressed-out  student stuck and a minor-league lawbreaker.

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