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Yes, I was there! Some astounding music moments in a sports fan’s life


Fans of The Rolling Stones can get some satisfaction this winter as their new album drops Dec. 2 and the immersive exhibit opens Nov. 12 in New York City
Sara Snyder, USA TODAY

One reason we love sports is the rush that comes from being in a crowd, collectively witnessing a moment in time when something special happens. A game-winning basket. A Hail Mary touchdown.

The same kind of feeling comes from being in a crowd for live music. And since this is July, I’m going to detour from sports and write about it.

As a species, our musical taste runs a gamut. As an aging baby-boomer, I’m more likely to wiggle my hips to The Talking Heads than Gregorian chants. But whatever music makes you smile, good for you.

Here are several moments when being in a crowd for live music was transformative.

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