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He’s Writing 365 Children’s Books in 365 Days, While Holding Down a Day Job

They met three years ago, when he was on a break from the forest and she was on vacation after splitting with her husband. Having fled Caracas and an architecture job where she was pressured to support the government, Elena, 38, was trying out interior design and working on a novel. He was frustrated with his last book and had given up on love.

“I was in the mountains just living a hard life,” he said. “Everyone said this is going to change everything, and I said, ‘Thank Christ.’”

Their daughter arrived after a scary trip down Tasmania’s country roads, Elena having gone into labor three weeks early with pre-eclampsia. They got engaged that night. A golden-haired extrovert, Cielo (“heaven” in Spanish) is their surprise beginning.

Zurbo said the 365-day story project is meant to be a gift to her, though he also wouldn’t mind a publisher picking a tale or two to add to the family’s meager income. Ultimately, he said, he’s trying to be a good parent, building on what his father, an illustrator, and mother, a doyenne of Melbourne’s avant-garde theater the Pram Factory, did for him: inspire a love of creativity.

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