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Jeremy Renner’s First Love Was Actually Music — Why He’s Finally ‘Happy’ to Share His Hidden Talent

Jeremy Renner is one of the biggest movie stars in the world, but fans may be surprised to learn the actor didn’t always dream of being on film sets.

“My family was my first love, and then music,” he told PEOPLE exclusively on Wednesday at the unveiling of his new summer television campaign — which features several new tracks sung by Renner — with Jeep. “Acting came into my brain around 20. Music has always been my first love as far as something other than my family.”

Growing up, the Avengers actor, 48, was always drawn to music and taught himself to play the piano, guitar and drums.

“When I was 12, I remember I was in my house and during the summer we cut out instruments and painted a keyboard and drums all made of cardboard,” says Renner. “I put on a show and I charged my sister a dollar and all her friends a dollar to come in and watch us play cardboard instruments. I think I made five bucks!”

The star feels at home both on a movie set and in a studio, but the one thing that “makes [music] greater is that I get to stay here in my home and do it and get to be around the people I love,” says Renner, who’s a doting dad to 6-year-old daughter Ava. “During my other love, which is movies, it takes me away.”

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