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Mortal Kombat Movie Casts Its First Major Character: Everything to Know About the Action Reboot

Mortal Kombat is hitting the big screen once again in a highly-anticipated reboot of the beloved ‘90s video game franchise.

Though details of the project have remained largely under wraps, cast and crew have slowly started to emerge as shooting, set to begin later this year, inches closer.

Mortal Kombat started as a video game in the early ‘90s and has since evolved into a massive franchise comprised of movies, TV shows, comic books and even a theatrical stage show that toured in the mid-‘90s.

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The series, a fantasy fighting game featuring a large lineup of characters from different realms of a fictional universe, released its latest game, Mortal Kombat 11, in April.

Mortal Kombat has hit the big screen before, once in 1995 for a film directed by Paul W. S. Anderson that went on to be the year’s 22nd top-grossing movie, and again for a 1997 sequel called Mortal Kombat: Annihilation.

Here’s what to know about the latest installment.

1. Joe Taslim Is Set to Star


The Indonesian actor and martial artist, 38, will play Sub-Zero, a fighter known for his abilities to control ice and his rivalry with Scorpion, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

There are two

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