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Watch These Movies Before ‘Stuber’

As usual, the summer of 2019 is dominated by movies in long-running franchises you know and either love or just still go and see out of obligation. However, Disney can’t put out a big new movie every week… yet. So sometimes something smaller and a little more original slips through the cracks like an R-rated buddy cop action-comedy. Like Stuber! (Oh wait, this is a Fox movie so it actually is a Disney movie after all.)

Watch these movies before Stuber.

The Big Sick

I’ve been a fan of comedian Kumail Nanjiani for years now. He co-hosted a great video game podcast and was a quiet riot on shows like Portlandia and Silicon Valley. And now he’s in the middle of a much-deserved Hollywood breakthrough. For that, you can thank The Big Sick, the Oscar-nominated romantic comedy based on his real relationship with wife and other podcast host Emily V. Gordon, who co-wrote the script. Plus Ray Romano is pretty good in it.

Guardians of the Galaxy

I guess Dave Bautista is a famous pro wrestler but because I’m a real person my first exposure to him was as Drax The Destroyer in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. Even in a movie filled with funny characters, Drax is particularly funny with his serious muscly body and grim personality paired with an inability to understand simple metaphors. He’s only gotten dumber, and funnier, since.


Stuber’s high-concept premise has Bautista’s LAPD detective turning an unwitting Uber driver named Stu into his partner and getaway vehicle. And if you remember, before Uber there were taxis. Taxi, a remake of a French film series, is basically the same idea. Jimmy Fallon is a cop without a driver’s license, so

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