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Meet Beth Rankin, The Denver Post’s new entertainment editor

Meet Beth Rankin, The Denver Posts’s new entertainment editor and a Texpat with a deep love of tacos, beer and the things that give a city its sense of place and community. (Provided by Kathy Tran)

Let’s get one unfortunate fact out of the way first: I am, in fact, a Texpat, having relocated from Dallas to become the new entertainment editor at The Denver Post. I am aware that this makes me instantly unlikable — in Texas, similar disdain is reserved for incoming Californians — but if it helps, I’m not a native Texan, just an Ohio-born nomad who happened to find gainful employment in Texas for 10 years before relocating to Denver.

“Relocating to Denver” sounds small compared to what coming here entailed: leaving my entire life in Texas behind, giving up my spacious, $1,400-month, two-bedroom home in the oh-so-hip Dallas neighborhood of Oak Cliff to move into a tiny, far more expensive one-bedroom apartment in RiNo (I know I’m not helping my case here, but it’s close to the newsroom, and I like beer). I bring with me a partner and a cat, both of whom are adjusting to the altitude and the drastic change in culture and climate. If you ever wondered what Dallas is like, it is best described as the polar opposite of Denver, while still being, at a cellular level, far more kind, cultured and unexpectedly cool than its reputation might lead you to believe.

My journalistic roots are in hard news and crime, things like homicide, hurricanes and the riots where I was often tear gassed as a cub reporter. But in 2011, after starting a

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