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‘Rick and Morty’ creators give first season 4 interview: ‘It will never be this long again’

Dan Harmon was hiking in Death Valley when he spotted two young men coming down the trail. The Rick and Morty co-creator was vacationing during his series’ recent hiatus, and his surroundings weren’t entirely unlike a desolate alien landscape on his animated sci-fi comedy. As the young men drew closer, Harmon says, “I shamelessly thought, ‘They might be fans.’” After they passed by without saying a word, however, Harmon switched to berating himself. “I thought, ‘God, I’m such a self-important narcissist!’”

But then, victory: As the kids passed Harmon’s friends farther down the trail, they were overheard excitedly exclaiming, “That was Dan Harmon! He created Rick and Morty!”

This narrative seems oddly familiar: First some arrogance, then a crash into self-loathing, and finally gleeful triumph — that’s the same emotional spin cycle often exhibited by Harmon’s teleporting antihero Rick Sanchez, who (along with neurotic grandson Morty) has been a pop culture sensation since the series launched in 2013.

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The Adult Swim series follows Rick and his family as

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