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The 30 greatest Disney songs – ranked! | Music

30. Little April Shower (Bambi, 1942)

It is not clear if Little April Shower is supposed to sound as sinister and hallucinatory as it does – the middle section of the song, with its wordless, seasick vocal chorus and surging orchestration seems to cast a pall over its cuter moments. In a certain light, it sounds like the kind of thing the acid-addled Brian Wilson dreamed up for the Beach Boys’ Smile album.

29. Why Should I Worry? (Oliver Company, 1988)

A lost song from Disney’s 80s doldrums. The music is very much of its era, but Billy Joel seems to have interpreted his brief as “write lyrics in the style of Lou Reed”, with references to the Bowery, St Mark’s Place and the Chelsea hotel. And the deadpan “Why should I care? / Even when I cross the line, I got street savoir-faire.”

28. I 2 I (A Goofy Movie, 1995)

An overlooked film released to a lukewarm critical response, A Goofy Movie nevertheless contained one hidden smash in the Tevin Campbell and Rosie Gaines-sung I 2 I, heavy on the breakbeats and synth stabs, and audibly constructed as a homage to Gaines’ sometime collaborator Prince.

Traditional Broadway … Tangled.

27. Mother Knows Best (Tangled, 2010)

For all Disney’s increasing interest in commissioning songs rooted in mainstream pop, its films can still feature stuff that sounds like traditional Broadway, such as this fabulously hammy inventory of the world’s ills, from violence and disease to “large bugs”.

26. Friends on the Other Side (The Princess and the Frog, 2009)


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