Not too long ago, we took a look at the Top 10 iconic Black TV shows. Today, we’ll hit the cinematic side of the draw. Obviously, it’s difficult to choose only the best of the best, so this iconic Black Movie list is not based on how many funny, scary, or emotional moments or how much the movie grossed. This is for the films that have left a lasting mark on viewers’ minds and hearts.

POC in Hollywood have always played a huge role. While a vast majority of Black movies have yet to hit the top 25 grossing of all time, that doesn’t mean that a body of work is not worthy.

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10 Friday (1995)

How was this movie iconic, some may ask? Never mind the dollar amount it grossed, this was a movie written by a Hip Hop pioneer that grew into something larger. There was nothing special about Friday. And while other movies such as The Heat of The Night, Roots or others, may have set a tone for the masses, it was a relief from the normal violent, political, and slapstick comedies.

For one, Friday took place over one day with two friends sitting on a front porch. One friend lost his job while on his day off and the other, he just sells and smokes weed all day. Friday was an instant hit in the urban community, so much so that what started out as a low budget film managed to expand to an empire. Laughs can go a long way.

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