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Disney Has Released More R-Rated Movies Than You’d Expect

The movie Stuber, released last Friday, tells the story of an Uber ride gone wrong when a police officer played by Dave Bautista commandeers an Uber driven by a panicky Kumail Nanjiani. It’s also the first R-rated movie released by Disney in quite some time. 

Stuber was originally made for 20th Century Fox, which Disney bought this year, opening the door for the company to put out more R-rated movies. The R-rating and Disney might seem to mix as well as oil and water, but it’s actually not at all uncommon. 

It’s important to understand the Disney company has or at one time had a number of different subsidiaries. Like the Marvel and Star Wars movies, they did not carry the Disney name, but they were still distributed by the company that Walt Disney himself started back in the 1920s.

When Disney became more adult

The logo of Disney | Alexander Pohl/NurPhoto

Once upon a time, it would have been astonishing for the Disney company to release anything other than a G-rated family movie, be it something animated like The Jungle Book from 1967 or a live-action comedy like The Cat from Outer Space.

After Walt Disney died in 1966, the company kept at that formula for a long time – maybe too long, because after a while, familiarity began to breed contempt. 

The company made news when it put out a couple of PG movies. The Black Hole, the company’s 1979 Star Wars cash-in, was the first of these, although even that had a kid-friendly robot.

The company’s first “adult” comedy, Midnight Madness, starring David Naughton and a then-unknown Michael J. Fox, was released the following year. An earlier PG-film, called Take Down, was independently produced but acquired and distributed by Disney. 

But by that

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