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Watch These Movies Before ‘The Lion King’

This year we’ve already had to suffer through pointless live-action remakes of animated Disney classics like Dumbo and The Lion King. But with The Lion King, the mouse has saved the best for last. At least, the original Lion King is the best as far as these movies go. This remake however seems even more dicey because in this case “live-action” means an entire film of CGI animals so photorealistic they can’t even get across the emotions of their super celebrity voice actors. Oh well, at least that live-action Mulan looks pretty sick.

Watch these movies before The Lion King.

The Jungle Book

Even though The Jungle Book made nearly a billion dollars in its own right, Jon Favreau’s first “live-action” Disney remake always felt like a test-run for The Lion King. Having a single real human, the jungle child Mowgli, makes the cavalcade of photorealistic animals slightly easier to accept. Plus they got Bill Murray to play Baloo and that’s fun.


Let’s be real, a major reason why lots of folks are excited for The Lion King is because they cast the one and only Beyoncé as the voice of adult Nala. And if you want to see the magic that can happen when Beyonce’s in front of a camera, watch Homecoming, her stunning work of art of a concert film. On Netflix you’ll not only get a tour of her music career as filtered through her legendary Coachella performance but also the music soundscapes of historically Black colleges and universities, plus behind the scenes footage of how it was all pulled off.

Solo: A Star Wars Story

Regardless of how the movie turns out, Donald Glover as adult Simba is pretty stellar casting.

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