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These Are the Best Netflix Movies for Animal Lovers

Netflix and kids go well together, whether the streaming service is a babysitter or you watch together. But the latter is the tricky part. There are all myth and manner of kids shows and movies on Netflix, but as is the case with the movies for grown-ups, you have to sift through a lot of subpar choices when trying to find the good stuff. 

That’s where we come in. We found a few selections you and the young ones can watch together, with a particular focus on animals. Screen Rant has a few other suggestions too. 

Netflix | Chesnot/Getty Images

‘Beat Bugs’

Right off the bat, we’re cheating a little, because this isn’t a movie: It’s a clever animated series that uses the Beatles’ music to help tell its stories. Using “All You Need is Love” as its theme, the show doesn’t just rely on Kids Bop-style covers. “Two of Us,” an upbeat ditty from Let It Be, is sung at a slower tempo, giving it a more melancholy feel. With Yesterday in theaters, kids may ask what the Fab Four are about. This makes a decent introduction. 


A list of kids movies has to have a live-action movie about dogs, so we picked one of the premier tear-jerking dog movies, the original Benji movie from 1974. It was so successful, it spawned at least six follow-ups, many of which are on Netflix also. Blessedly, the misbegotten Chevy Chase/Benji team-up Oh! Heavenly Dog is missing, and that’s just as well. Start with the original. 


Many people would say that Disney animation is going through a new renaissance with Frozen and other movies being such

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