New York is one of the most iconic cities on the globe. It is a true melting pot where all cultures live side by side, either right next door to each other or in adjacent neighborhoods. The Big Apple hasn’t always been the easiest place to live, with periods of extreme poverty, high crime, and corruption. And when areas do become safe, the cost of living skyrockets, making these areas available only to those who can afford it.

Despite its problems, the denizens of the populated metropolis love it with all their hearts. As a celebration of this magnificent east coast city, here are ten best New York films from the naughts. Not all of them are directly about the city, but they all heavily feature it to the point where one could say the city itself is a character.

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Tracy Morgan in Top Five

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10 Top 5

Tracy Morgan in Top Five

Chris Rock directs this movie about a comedian spending the day in his hometown while a reporter interviews him for a profile article in the New York Times. Throughout the course of the film, he visits old family members, recalls jeopardizing career moments, and falls a little bit in love.

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In addition to an all-star cast featuring Tracy Morgan, Leslie Jones, and Rosario Dawson, the run time prominently features Chris’s hometown in an honest light. It looks almost like a documentary, as if the camera was a pair of eyes looking in on the drama and comedy taking place.

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