Get Out was one of the most talked-about films in recent years. The debut film from writer-director Jordan Peele, it told the story of a young black man visiting his girlfriend’s white, progressive parents for the weekend. What starts as an awkward situation, gradually turns more and more bizarre.

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The film is probably unlike anything you’ve ever seen, with Peele creating a complex and brilliant story. However, with the themes, plot elements and feel of the film, there are some movies that feel in the same vein. So if you’re a fan of Get Out check out some of these great films.

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10 Us

Jordan Peele’s follow-up film might feel like an obvious choice, but while it is very different to Get Out, Peele’s distinct styles can certainly be felt. The creepy thriller follows a family on vacation who are stalked by a group of people who look exactly like them.

Fitting into the same “social thriller” genre as Get Out, Us is a riveting and complex film loaded with mystery. It might not have been as explosive as his first feature, but it is still an incredibly interesting, funny and unsettling film.

9 Green Room

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Get Out effectively uses modern racism as a tool to tell a horror story. Jeremy Saulnier’s Green Room similarly uses modern-day white supremacists as the terrifying villains in this brutal thriller. The film centers on a punk

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