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Sex, swears and sweetness: ‘Good Boys’ is rated R, but can tweens see it?


From the guys that brought you “Superbad”, three sixth grade boys go on an epic journey as they try to make it to a long-awaited party.

Jacob Tremblay is, by all accounts, a good boy: He loves his mom and dad, adores “Star Wars” and doesn’t curse.

His character Max in the R-rated comedy “Good Boys” (in theaters Friday) has a foul mouth. Tremblay, 12, drops an f-bomb in his first line, and it gets worse – and funnier – from there.

“I’ve sworn in movies before, but definitely not as much as this where I’m swearing like in every single scene,” the actor says.

Four-letter words are just one aspect of the nonstop inappropriateness that transpires with Max and best friends Lucas (Keith L. Williams) and Thor (Brady Noon) in “Good Boys.” These newly minted sixth-graders are beginning to expand their horizons, with Max crushing hard on a classmate and Thor dreaming of a lead role in a kid “Rock of Ages.” 

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On the way to partying with some popular classmates, the three rapscallions watch internet porn (and are horrified), mistake a sex doll for a CPR dummy, accidentally steal molly from older girls, destroy Max’s dad’s (played by Will Forte) beloved drone and shoot paintballs at frat boys.

“Good Boys” is the latest mature-themed comedy from producing

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