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Pokin Around: Abandoned property off Kearney has a history of entertainment offerings – Springfield News


Note: This story was updated after it was published. The final five paragraphs were added.

In July, a Facebook friend posted photos of two abandoned buildings and surrounding property that were once home to an assortment of entertainment offerings.

It was as if the property was once zoned “fun and games.”

I read the comments on that post and it seemed like what was needed was an entertainment archaeologist to figure out what was there and when.

I’m volunteering.

Mentioned were laser tag, paintball, miniature golf, batting cages.

On top of that, the photo included what appears to be a huge, sculpted ice-cream cone, with ice cream.

The property is behind the Dairy Queen at 1411 West Kearney St. It’s easy to miss from the street.

It’s on the north side of Kearney, just east of Kansas Expressway. It does not have direct access to Kearney Street. I had to drive into the Dairy Queen parking lot.

The outside areas are overgrown and the two large buildings are empty. One of the buildings shows signs of a homeless population. The batting cages look like a jungle.

The Dairy Queen and abandoned property are owned by Sadhikrupa, Inc., created in 2016. Himanshukumar Patel is president; I was unable to talk to him for this story.

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