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Pranksters in television masks leave old TVs on Virginia porches

Aug. 13 (UPI) — Residents of a Virginia neighborhood were left scratching their heads when unknown pranksters wearing what appeared to be TVs on their heads left vintage TVs on local porches.

Neighbors in the Glen Allen neighborhood said their doorbell cameras recorded what appeared to be a person wearing a television on their head — or a mask modeled after a TV — leaving vintage TVs on their porches.

Police said they believe the mysterious figure was several different people, at more than 50 TVs were left on various porches.

Henrico County Police worked with Solid Waste Divisions to haul away the unwanted TV sets.

Police urged residents who spot suspicious activity to contact investigators, but it was unclear whether any crime had been committed.

Some residents said a similar prank occurred about a year ago, when about 20 TVs were left on various porches. The perpetrators were not caught on camera during that incident.

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