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The Best Books To Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

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The Da Vinci Codex: Leonardo’s notes on the flight of birds. (Photo: Getty)


Want to see creativity in action? Visit any playground. After tiring of swing sets and slides, kiddos innately revert to playing with sticks, pebbles and blades of grass. Or they become roaring dinosaurs or outer-space-bound astronauts. Regrettably, most of us lose those fabulous imaginations once we experience our first shareholder meeting or lose a key supplier. But that doesn’t mean we have to live in the bleak darkness of business-as-usual.

If you’ve become such an adult that you’re not willing to entertain anything but the status quo—knock it off. In the name of all that’s right and good, pick up one of these books. Rediscover what made you think an empty refrigerator box could be a general store or a blanket-covered couch was an alien planet. Your future bank account will thank you.

The Curiosity Muscle by Andy Fromm and Diana Kander 

Having navigated the birth of a startup during the rocky Great Recession, I’m a huge fan of resourcefulness. So are Andy Fromm and Diana Kander. As writers, they shake entrepreneurs out of their comfort zones and back to the scrappiness that made them founders. If you’ve lost one ounce of your original inventiveness, I urge you to chew on the wisdom in this book,

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