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Debate Club: The 5 best shark attack movies

Aficionados of Steven Spielberg’s first blockbuster know the story of how the shark got his name: Bruce was an affectionate nod to the young director’s lawyer, Bruce Raynor. And, right, the mechanical sharks wouldn’t work, forcing Spielberg to improvise and, fortuitously, delay the big reveal of the great white until later in the film. All that did was build anticipation in the audience’s mind: just how big was this terrifying death machine laying waste to swimmers around Amity Island?

Decades later, not only do we associate sharks with Jaws, but John Williams’ chillingly simple score continues to be our aural manifestation of their power, mystery, and terror. As a result, sharks were demonized for years after, causing their population to radically drop. Such was the impact of this movie’s scares: we came to view them as a worldwide menace, just waiting to sink their teeth into us.

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