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New Netflix Ghost Movie Eerie Has Viewers ‘Sleeping with the Lights On’: ‘Really Good Horror’

Netflix is at it again.

Months after captivating horror fans with Bird Box, and weeks after disturbing them with The Perfection, a new horror movie arrived on the platform to get fans screaming all over again.

The latest horror movie on the streaming platform, a Filipino movie titled Eerie, follows a clairvoyant guidance counselor who tries to find out what caused a teenage girl to commit suicide while staying at an all-girls Catholic school. The guidance counselor relies on the ghost of a young girl to uncover the abusive past of the convent.

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Eerie, starring Filipino star Bea Alonzo, is already terrifying fans after dropping on Netflix recently.

“Just watched Eerie on Netflix and guess who’ll be sleeping with the lights on for a week?” one user tweeted after catching the horror flick.

“watching EERIE on netflix.. i have screamed 3 times in 20minutes and there’s still 1hr and 20mins left,” another wrote.

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