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‘Ready Or Not’ Review: Movies Like This Are (Hopefully) Why Disney Bought Fox

‘Ready Or Not’ Is (Hopefully) The Kind Of Movie For Which Disney Bought Fox

With all the hand wringing over the fate of Fox and Fox Searchlight under the Disney umbrella, here comes directors Matt Bettinelli-Oplin and Tyler Gillet’s Ready or Not. It’s a delicious bit of late-summer nastiness, an ensemble comedy of terrors, blending scenery-chewing character actors, a corker of a high concept and a star-making lead turn from (comparative) newbie Samara Weaving. It’s (probably) doomed theatrically, but it’s also, if you’re an optimist, exactly the kind of movie for which Disney bought Fox in the first place.

Sure, the Mouse House bought Fox mostly for the IP. However, if movies like this still had a chance in hell of making money in theaters, I’d wager Disney would still want Fox to make a few of its ilk alongside the Deadpool sequels and Avatar movies. Without reading minds, I still maintain that, in late 2017, the Mouse House pursued Fox (which put itself up for sale and was also courted by Comcast) partially to get a foothold in adult-skewing or less explicitly family-friendly fare alongside their gazillion-dollar IPs.

But Fox’s 2018 slate was a wash, save for The Favourite, Bohemian Rhapsody and Deadpool 2, so the likes of Ready or Not and Taika Waititi’s Jojo Rabbit may be an endangered species. This isn’t the part where I beg you to vote with your wallet when this Guy Busick and Ryan Murphy-written original opens on August 21, because I know by now that you won’t. But Ready Or Not is a terrific bit of unapologetic pulp fiction, and that we should savor its ilk while we still can.

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