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Andy Grammer Honors His Late Mother with New Music Video Starring His 2-Year-Old Daughter

Andy Grammer has divine intervention to thank for his song, “She’d Say.”

The “Honey, I’m Good” singer — whose mother, Kathy, died in 2009 — was inspired to write the track after his wife, Aijia, got him a phone call with a medium as a gift.

During the call, the medium channeled Grammer’s mom, who then asked him to write a song for his 2-year-old daughter, Louisiana K, for her.

“Sometimes life is unexplainable,” Grammer, 35, tells PEOPLE exclusively. “This song is by far the strangest, most mystical artistic experience I have ever had.”

“My wife got me a phone call with a medium as a gift,” he continues. “The medium told me that my mother was coming through and wanted me to write a song about everything she’d say but can’t be there to say. This is my daughter’s love letter from her grandma that she never got to meet in this world. If my mom were here, this is what ‘She’d Say.’”

Andy Grammer with his daughter

In the beginning of the music video for “She’d Say” — which is premiering exclusively on PEOPLE — Grammer recounts

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