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Apartments, preschool and yoga studio are all part of new 24-acre Chatsworth HQ of toymaker MGA Entertainment

Live. Work. Play. It was a common refrain Thursday night as Isaac Larian, CEO and founder of MGA Entertainment, Inc., opened up his 24-acre North American headquarters in Chatsworth to local leaders and reporters to see.

The “play” part of it was perhaps predictable — given that Larian’s company makes toys children play with — think Little Tikes and L.O.L. Surprise!, and then there’s the Bratz fashion doll line, BABY born, Lalaloopsy, Num Noms andMoxie Girlz.

But Larian’s latest project brings “play” to a different level.

Imagine working, living and playing within a few feet of each other in the San Fernando Valley, without battling the congestion of the 101 or 405 freeways to get where you need to be.

For the 370 employees at Larian’s privately held Chatsworth-based company, that is becoming a reality.

Referred to as “24,” the project was touted as a first-of-its-kind development in Los Angeles, which about 400 invited guests (some of whom were local leaders who had a hand in making the project happen), got to see on Thursday during a tour.

“I went to Singapore and I went to Hong Kong and pitched the idea of a live, work and play concept to (former Los Angeles City Councilmember) Mitch Englander,” said Larian. “He worked with all the city department heads and the mayor. My dream was to make this building and area come true. I wanted to create the ‘Goggle’ campus of Southern California.”

The Google campus in Playa del Rey is similar to Chatsworth’s 24, but does not have the living feature.

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