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Doja Cat, Normani, and Rosalía Casually Won the Week in Music Videos

Well, just when we thought every music video not creative-directed by god herself, Beyoncé, is just another [insert alcoholic beverage brand here], Beats, or TikTok commercial, a certain pop trifecta (from various parts of that world) unknowingly (hmmm) assembled to swiftly tell us to shut the hell up. Message received! This week, like every week, several music videos were released. Most, like every week, were tired. (This Brockhampton one has aliens and some cool camerawork, though. Snaps for that.) But then, at the eleventh hour, a rescue mission: Doja Cat, Normani, and Rosalía each dropped heat: Normani “That Bitch” Kordei with the choreography and reverence for her 2000s RB foremothers. Doja “Mooo!” Cat with the assets. And Rosalía (no further explanation necessary) with the lewks. Let us take a closer look at how they put the rest of the business to utter shame this week.

Normani, “Motivation”

For her debut solo single, Normani did what she came to do. A (destiny’s) child of the 2000s raised on a steady diet of 106 Park, “Crazy in Love,” “Goodies,” Omarian, and J.Lo circa the “I’m Real” remix, Normani bottled all those influences, injected them into her veins, and said, “Yes, a star is born.” Note the incredible feat of physics, editing, CGI, and whatever other wizardry it took to make that

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