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Peter Fonda: 7 Great Movies to Stream

Peter Fonda, who died on Friday at age 79, would have been famous even if he’d never made a movie. As the son of the actor Henry Fonda, the sister of the actress Jane Fonda and the father of the actress Bridget Fonda, he was part of an accomplished Hollywood family. But he made his own profound contributions to the Fonda legacy as director, producer and performer. In the late 1960s and early ’70s in particular, thanks to movies like “Easy Rider” and “Dirty Mary Crazy Larry,” Fonda accrued a kind of outlaw mystique, putting his own countercultural spin on the lanky, laconic western characters his father once played.

Later in his career, in acclaimed performances in films like “Ulee’s Gold” and “The Limey,” Fonda traded on that persona, playing a grizzled, fading version of the hippies he embodied decades earlier. With his deep, even-toned voice, his angular face and his soulful blue eyes, he had a one-of-a-kind screen presence, which he put to use in many classic films throughout his life.

The online database IMDB credits Fonda with 116 roles. Here are seven of the best, along with where to stream them.

How to watch: Buy or rent it on Amazon and Vudu.

After getting his start in theater and television in New York in the early 1960s, Fonda caught the attention of Hollywood producers, who tried to package him as a dashing lead in soapy romances like “Tammy and the Doctor.” But the actor was more interested in drugs, rebellion and rock ’n’ roll. He found a vehicle for his values in

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