DreamWorks is unquestionably one of the most successful and recognizable film studios in the world. The studio is definitely best known for its live-action films, but in the past few decades, the studio has been putting its best foot forward in the animated movie game. When it comes to animated films, it’s nearly impossible to even compete with the goliath that is Disney, but DreamWorks has managed to create its own pocket of the animated film world.

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So, even though everyone might recognize that DreamWorks intro at the beginning of so many movies, most people might not remember which movies were actually DreamWorks features. Some of these films are super memorable, some of them just deserve to be remembered, and some of them should probably be forgotten altogether. But which movies out there are DreamWorks films that nobody realizes are actually DreamWorks films?

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10 Shark Tale

Although Shark Tale is one of the older computer animated movies in the DreamWorks vault, it’s also one of the animation studio’s most successful films. The movie focuses on a variety of sea creatures as you might expect, but the plot is not quite what you’d think of as your typical animal animated film.

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Shark Tale features Will Smith as the voice actor for the lead character of Oscar, a shark who is always scheming (and failing) at becoming rich and famous. In a particularly fun choice of casting, acting legend Robert De Niro plays the

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