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Normani’s ‘Motivation’ Music Video: Best GIFs, Moments

The music video for Normani’s single “Motivation” can be described in one word, but it has to be said in five parts: chor-e-og-ra-phy. Normani doesn’t just go all-out, she goes off, she goes in, she goes hard, and we have the best moments GIF’d for you to use as reactions, flirtations, or simply distractions. The Beyoncé-favored 23-year-old has released other singles since even before Fifth Harmony’s dissolution in 2018, but “Motivation” is her first with no featured vocals. So, of course, the music video has more memorable moments than time we need to pick our jaws up off the floor. Like, gimme a sec, girl; I don’t wanna miss anything by bending down. Here are eight truly perfect GIFs that will loop until you finally tire of seeing Normani absolutely freak it (eternity?).



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