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The 20 Best Horror Movies of the 1990s

This is part of our 90s Week series. Read more here.

The 1990s are widely regarded as one of the worst decades for horror movies, but that doesn’t mean it was a bad era by any means. Following the golden age that was the 1980s was always going to be an arduous task, whereas the 2000s gave us some incredible films that reflected the cultural mood of a world experiencing dark times — not to mention a surge in popularity for international fare.

The ‘90s are merely stuck between two decades that seem more remarkable in comparison, but they still produced their fair share of bona fide classics, unsung gems, and entertaining schlock. In fact, the ‘90s were actually a pretty great time for horror, especially when you consider all of the original films that were released back then.

The ‘90s preceded the remake boom, so originality was still thriving. Studios gave directors like Paul W.S. Anderson blockbuster budgets to make movies like Event Horizon. Wishmaster was unleashed into theaters and made our depraved cinematic wishes come true. Deep Rising conquered the oceans and our hearts. And none of these great flicks even made it on to this list.

With this in mind, now is the perfect time to revisit ‘90s horror and appreciate some of its finest efforts. This list contains a nice mix of big hitters and entries whose inclusion even surprised our little Boo Crew, so expect reading this one to be a fascinating adventure for you.

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