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25 Movies That Predicted What Future Cars Will Look Like

It seems “The Fifth Element” also solidly predicted the future in this way: Paris is working toward having flying taxis ready for the 2024 Olympics, although not to compete. These would take riders from the airport to the city.

‘Back to the Future III’

  • Released: 1990

Doc’s idea to power the DeLorean with whiskey? Talk about being ahead of its time with the use of alternative fuel. On the whiskey front, a distillery in Scotland was trying to figure out how to turn whiskey waste into clean biofuel.

Many sources are working to turn other waste into alternative fuel. For example, scientists at Purdue are trying to convert plastic waste, and the U.S. Department of Energy is researching how to convert algae.

‘Tucker: The Man and His Dream’

  • Released: 1988

What makes the story of Preston Tucker and the 1948 Tucker 48 — also called Torpedo — interesting is that it’s a true story. The biopic tells the story of launching a sedan that’s cutting-edge and has futuristic safety and design elements.

Everything was ahead of its time for a car then, like a third headlight and a windshield that would pop out in an accident. Fenders that pivoted during turns still seems futuristic today.

What item from the Tucker made it to the 21st century? Standard disc brakes, for one. Why’d the car fail? Some point to the Detroit Three automakers taking him down. Others say Mr. Tucker ran out of cash, according to Hemmings.

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