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A BTS Universe TV drama is coming, but with a twist

BTS Army, assemble! There’s a new television drama being developed about your favorite K-pop boy band.

But there’s a twist: BTS members won’t be starring as themselves in the new series. During a corporate briefing presentation in Seoul for the group’s label, Big Hit Entertainment, it was announced that the drama series would be about how the group came together with actors playing younger versions of all the boy band members.

“Storytelling will be expanded in stages to include artists in our multi-label organization,” Bang Si-hyuk, founder and co-CEO of Big Hit Entertainment, said during the press conference. “Big Hit is currently preparing a drama series together with a leading Korean production company based on the Bangtan Universe, slated for release in the second half of 2020. It will be a story set in the BU about how the seven boys first met.”

While fans were excited about the upcoming series, news about BTS members not starring in the coming-of-age drama garnered some passionate reactions on social media:

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