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Here’s what we want to see in a fourth Matrix movie

On August 20th, social media was suddenly abuzz with the official announcement that Lana Wachowski, half of the sibling team behind the original Matrix trilogy, is officially making a fourth Matrix movie with original stars Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss. The announcement instantly sparked fervid speculation: where could a fourth Matrix movie even go since the trilogy-capper, 2003’s The Matrix Revolutions, killed off Reeves and Moss’ characters and seemingly ended the war between man and machine? How do you continue a story that so pointedly wrapped up its loose ends?

There are certainly a lot of possible answers in a series that consciously, from the start, played with the break between fantasy and reality and ended with the kind of death-by-crucifixion Biblical imagery that openly invites a resurrection of some kind. It’s certainly possible for the man-machine war to heat up again, too. Just look at how many times Skynet has been defeated, then tried to change the past in the endless Terminator franchise. But given how poorly the second and third Matrix movies were received, why are fans excited about the prospect of another outing? What are they hoping to see? We polled Verge staffers for some perspective.

Tasha Robinson, film / TV editor: The easy answer is that we’re all somehow hoping for a groundbreaking movie that makes us feel like the original Matrix made a lot of us feel — like we were seeing something new, daring, and different. When The Matrix introduced bullet-time slo-mo to cinema, when it abruptly declared that the entire world is a lie, when it openly asked whether viewers would rather live in a comforting fantasy or a brutal reality, when it served up a visual smorgasbord of goth-inspired trenchcoated heroic badassery, all those things felt new in 1999. It’s

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