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‘Star Wars,’ ‘Joker’ and all the other movies you need to see this fall

The leaves and the temperature aren’t the only things that change come fall. The movies get a little more serious; even the escapist stuff is more tailored for grown-ups than kiddos, or at least adults who never quite grew up.

Our late-year movie preview is by no means encyclopedic; too many films fill these final months to allow for a top-to-bottom inventory. But we can still hit the highlights as we see them, meaning it’s time to put the critical glasses on and point you in a direction we hope you’ll find agreeable. Here are 30 of the films we’re most excited about this season. As always, dates are subject to change and Houston openings may come after New York and Los Angeles debuts.

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September 6

It Chapter Two — The kids from the first film are adults now. James McAvoy, Jessica Chastain and Bill Hader star and it’s directed by Andy Muschietti who made “Annabelle.”

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Tigers Are Not Afraid : This tale of borderland drug violence is also a ghost story, in which the dead are never really dead and a group of children struggle to stay alive. A Mexican horror film with a topical bite.

September 13

The Goldfinch : Donna Tartt’s literary sensation is now movie, starring Nicole Kidman as a wealthy New Yorker who takes in a boy after his mother is killed in a museum bombing. The boy, meanwhile, has taken in a priceless work of art.

September 20

Ad Astra : This season’s metaphysical space movie finds Brad Pitt’s astronaut traveling to the edge of the solar system in search of his father. Since it’s a metaphysical space movie, the quest also has ramifications for human existence as a whole.

Downton Abbey: It’s not

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