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New season | Movies: Films offer warm respite as temperatures begin to fall

As the weather cools, the desire for indoor activity grows.Movie theaters can help provide entertainment as the leaves start to fall.


• The annual film festival, this year taking place Nov. 3-17, will include films of general interest about the Jewish experience and a short-film competition. One of the films to be screened: “Footnote,” a 2011 Israeli movie about a father and son who are rival professors, plus an appearance by the director, Joseph Cedar. The film was nominated for a best foreign-language-movie Oscar.

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• The America’s Greatest Films series continues with free screenings of “Rocky” (Sept. 3), “Psycho” (Oct. 1), “M*A*S*H” (Nov. 5), “Raiders of the Lost Ark” (Dec. 5) and “Elf” (Dec. 7).

• “Screeech” will be the word of the day during the Shock Around the Clock 24-hour horror-movie marathon beginning at noon Oct. 12. The event will include a coffinload of scary movies, plus short films, clips and a costume contest. Tickets cost $45 and are available at

• Wear your favorite jammies for a pajama party during Dec. 12 and 14 screenings of the Will Ferrell Christmas movie “Elf.” Hot cocoa will be available. Tickets should go on sale about a month before the event occurs.

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• Works by the master of suspense will be on display during “Hitchcocktober” all October long. Nine films will be screened, with “Vertigo” (Oct. 1-3 with a preview Sept. 29) showing via a 70 mm print. Seven others will be shown using a 35 mm print — “North by Northwest” (Oct,. 4-6), “Stage Fright” (Oct. 7-9), “Strangers on a Train” (Oct. 13-15), “Suspicion” (Oct. 16-18), “Rear Window” (Oct. 19-21), “The Birds” (Oct. 22-25) and “Psycho” (Oct. 26-31) — and one, “Dial M for Murder” (Oct. 10-12),

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