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From Tom Holland talking Spider-Man to Star Wars to more dog movies, Disney’s D23 Expo has something for everyone

Actors Tom Holland, left, and Chris Pratt talk about their new Pixar film, “Onward,” at the D23 Expo in Anaheim, Calif. (Jesse Grant/Getty Images For Disney)
Travis M. Andrews August 25 at 4:44 PM

Disney held its biennial D23 Expo this weekend to announce news about a slate of upcoming projects in theaters and on its new streaming service, Disney+, which will include content from properties such as Marvel, National Geographic, Pixar, Lucasfilm and Disney itself. Which is to say: The expo is a big deal. It’s the place where new footage from the upcoming Star Wars movie, “The Rise of Skywalker,” can send the Internet into a tizzy and headlines are made by announcing the release date of a film that’s not hitting movie screens until … three years from now (“Black Panther 2,” coming to a theater near you on May 6, 2022!).

We’ve broken down the most shocking moments, exciting projects and unexpected cameos to come out of the event.

Tom Holland addresses Spider-gate

Fans were disheartened by the news that Spider-Man probably won’t appear again in the Marvel Cinematic Universe because Disney and Sony couldn’t reach an amenable deal, thus relegating the character to only the latter’s movies. Tom Holland, the latest actor to take on the character, appeared at D23 to promote his new Pixar film, “Onward,” but kept things vague onstage while speaking about his turn as the web-slinger. “It’s been a crazy week,” he said,

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